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GuestComment takes the conflict out of hotel guest conflict management

bjacobsen September 12, 2012
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Conflict is extremenly awkward and uncomfortable. Being an introvert makes me avoid conflict. I’d rather go to the dentist for a filling than raise an issue with anyone.

What does conflict have to do with GuestComment and introverts?  Let’s look at a couple of similar scenarios–without and with GuestComment.

Example without GuestComment: 

Let’s say that I encounter the rudest hotel employee in the universe. Because I want to avoid confrontations, I’m not going to say anything to hotel management. When I get home, I’m going to let the world see what I thought of that situation by writing a TripAdvisor review. That’s when hotel management will learn about their rude employee.

Example with GuestComment: 

Now, let’s look at that same scenario, but this time let’s add in a GuestComment kiosk at the hotel.

I’ll gladly enter my complaint about the rude hotel employee into GuestComment. I want hotel management to know. I want them to be able to rectify the situation. GuestComment eliminates any possible uncomfortable face-to-face confrontation. With GuestComment, the hotel manager will be notified of the situation. From there, the manager will be able to correct the issue and communicate back to me before I leave the property. Now, instead of writing a negative TripAdvisor review and telling all my friends about the rude employee, I’m more likely to write a positive review mentioning the caring management, etc.

From our previous post about hotel reviews, we shared these two powerful statistics:

  • Leisure guests reported they were willing to pay a 20-percent premium for best-in-class issue resolution, while business guests reported they were willing to pay an 11-percent premium.
  • Eight out of 10 leisure guests are influenced by well-handled issue resolution during a previous stay when rebooking.
To the first statistic, GuestComment provides a non-confrontational way to allow management to resolve issues. The introvert and the hotel win.
To the second statistic, if I know I have a way to try to resolve issues without conflict, I’m more likely to rebook at a hotel with GuestComment.

In summary — I’m an introvert. I avoid confrontations.  I stay in lots of hotels. I write TripAdvisor reviews. Dear hotels, please give me a channel to voice my concerns.

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