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GuestComment Embraces BYOD; Announces Authenticated Web Based Hotel Reviews

bjacobsen September 17, 2012
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We’ve seen a tremendous interest in our GuestComment onsite hotel review platform. It seems many hotels are keen to learn how they can communicate with real guests, in real time.

One common request has been to offer a version of GuestComment that is¬†accessible¬†to hotel guests via their own laptop or tablet. The short answer is: of course! We’re launching that today. Read on to learn how we’ve designed the process to ensure that GuestComment reviews are real, legitimate hotel reviews from guests that actually stayed at the hotel in question.

First, the challenge.

When we launched GuestComment, our goal was to provide a way for hotel management to collect reviews and resolve issues while the guest remained on site. By using our patent-pending process, GuestComment places review kiosks in prominent locations, ensuring that all hotel feedback and reviews come from real guests–and not some competitor or disgruntled employee. By offering a version of GuestComment that could be accessed from any computer, we risked losing that key advantage.

The BYOD solution.

In order to provide GuestComment for the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) jet set, we had to make sure that, as best we could, we ensured that any feedback, reviews or complaints were from real guests. Our solution is to provide hotels with a web based version of GuestComment that can only be accessed via a unique “pin” code available only from the hotel. Whether this pin is printed on the back of the room key wallet, on an in-room display, or provided by email, the hotel guest can only review their hotel experience if they have the correct pin code.

Of course, even codes can be compromised, so we provided a way for hotel management to quickly and easily reset their hotel’s pin code–rendering the old one invalid. This allows hotel management to reset their pin code, should they find that it has been obtained by the aforementioned competitor hotel or disgruntled employee–ensuring the validity and authenticity of all hotel reviews.

The web based version of GuestComment is available immediately and at no extra cost. In fact, hotels can actually save on start-up costs should they choose not to install the GuestComment kiosk, and instead use only the web based version. Of course, we recommend using both–that way you can reach your guests in as many ways as possible–further preventing that nightmare notification of another bad Tripadvisor review!

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