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The Digital Comment Card

The paper comment card is a relic from the 15th century that belongs in a museum.
800 numbers with survey codes on the back of receipts have one foot in the grave.
GuestComment gives your customers a feedback option that fits their digital lifestyle.

GuestComment Helps Businesses:

  • Increase Customer Engagement

    GuestComment replaces those tired, old, static paper comment cards with a dynamic, sexy iPad kiosk that not only makes it easy to collect feedback from your customers, but also increases engagement.

  • Improve Online Reputations

    Looking for a way to improve your online reputation? With GuestComment, you can easily feature your positive customer feedback as testimonials on your website.

  • Resolve Customer Concerns

    With GuestComment TXT, your guests can use their own mobile device to communicate directly with the manager in real-time via text message or mobile app.

  • Enhance Business Operations

    “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” – Karl Pearson. GuestComment makes it easy to measure and report customer satisfaction…which ultimately increases profitability.

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  • Track Record

GuestComment is Used By:

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  • Restaurants

    Fine-dining, quick-casual, and fast food restaurants alike use GuestComment’s tools to measure and improve the customer service at their locations.

  • Hotels & Lodging Properties

    Business and leisure travelers expect a high-touch experience from the properties they stay at, and GuestComment helps keep the focus on the guest.

  • Theme Parks & Zoos

    How do you provide a personal touch when you’re entertaining thousands of guests? By letting GuestComment help. Our solutions will make every visit just a little more personal.

  • Service & Retail Businesses

    From car dealerships to dentists, GuestComment’s tools are helping business owners to measure customer feedback, answer questions, and resolve concerns.

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